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Saturday, February 29, 2020, it's hard to get away from in this day and age.  I was born in the 70's so I grew up playing outside till the street lights came on and I have amazing memories of being outside playing all day long.  

I have what you would call a LOVE/ HATE relationship with technology - I love to hate it.  Just kidding, kinda.... I tell people I could write a thesis on how technology is the downfall of families and ruining society.  But that's for another blog post...

As a teacher I have to incorporate technology even when I believe some old school ideas work better, it's frustrating at times.  I get it - there are multiple ways to use technology today and in some ways technology has made my job so much easier for sure!

My mom taught when I was growing up and she couldn't type into You Tube letter a and have an amazing, engaging video pop us that includes a song that sticks in kids heads and helps them remember letter a.  

Research comes alive nowadays because kids can virtually see an animal in their habitat live and write about what they experience as if they were right there with them.

But when admin tells me they want me to use technology ( for much of the day ) when I know full well that some of my students are going home to watch You Tube and play Fortnight unsupervised for another 4 hours I just can't do it!  I can't sleep at night knowing my students have been in front of a screen for 7 hours in a day ( my time plus their time ) NO WAY will I ever feel comfortable doing this and being okay with it.

But with all that being said, it's inevitable that they will have some screen time at school and in my 11 ish more years of teaching ahead of me there will probably be more before I retire.  UGH! 

 My district has made my students' lives even easier by providing clever - a website that allows kids to log into all their different sites and accounts with one swipe of a QR code.  Remember the...

button?!!?  Yep well it doesn't get much easier than that.  The clever site is quite popular and many districts have decided to go with so their students have easy access to the sites they log into.  I created these badges for my students a few years ago and they have been a big hit!  So, I thought I would create some that you can easily use as well.  

clever badge

This pack includes directions on how to add your own school mascot, name and QR badge.  Click here to get a closer look:  

Hope you find it helpful...
happy teaching

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