Starbooks Cafe Dramatic Play + more dramatic play sets

Saturday, February 29, 2020
Play is such an important part of formal and informal schooling!  The benefits of playtime are many and sadly it's losing its place in school. By shortchanging 'playtime' kids are losing out on some of the following life skills:  social/emotional skills, cognitive, and even physical skills.   It's a precursor to relationships, problem solving, and so much more.  Playtime actually works on children's neurological development.  Sadly, some children are spending as little as 4 hours a week playing outdoors due to the rise of technology and increased demands on the family/ increased expectations on school aged kids performances as well.

Here are some top benefits of play for kids:
* builds their imagination
* boosts a child's brainpower
* has been found to help children cope with stress
* increases happiness
* builds language and vocabulary skills
* builds self confidence
* allows children to express their emotion
* helps children be more sociable

These are just some reasons of many to promote play time in the home or school ( although much of the latter loss is directed by increased rigorous standards, etc. )

Starbucks is a familiar landmark among people of all ages ~ I mean you can find one on practically every I right?!?!  So this scenario probably wouldn't be a stretch for your young ones to engage in I'm sure.  Offer some tips and model some ideas for them and let them go at it being creative and silly and imaginative.  

You can bring in fake food, ask Starbucks to donate some cups        ( they have done this for me in the past ).  You can purchase plastic ice cubes that look like ice at the Dollar Store.  There are lots of options, white felt can look like whipped cream too.  White pom poms could be marshmallows...the ideas are endless.  You can probably find a green apron and visor from Amazon, thrift stores   
( of course always wash first ), or maybe you have a  family member that can sew.

 Here is a peek at this fun, dramatic play center in action...

Just print, laminate and set up.
Starbooks cafe dramatic play center
They will love pretending to eat and drink as well as scan a gift card or pay for an order.

Starbooks Cafe dramatic play

Signs will help them know where to go to do what...great for following directions.

Starbooks Cafe dramatic play

Teaching your students or child how to go through the order taking process and checking off items in their inventory would be fun and engaging for them.  

Starbooks Cafe dramatic play
AND just ADDED to my STORE:  BULLSEYE Dramatic Play Center ....same fun idea but shopping.  Who doesn't love shopping and coffee?!?!

Target shopping dramatic play center

Target shopping dramatic play center

Target shopping dramatic play center

Target shopping dramatic play center

If you are interested in having this play center for your home daycare, preschool or kindergarten you can grab it here:  

Here are a few more sets I've completed for your young explorers.

Turning your classroom into a detective/police play area has lots of fun options for oral language and creativity!

This play set is probably the easiest low prep/high yield set to use in your home or classroom.  Most of you already have lots of books, stuffed animals, puzzles etc at home to easily convert your fun area into a bookstore.  You're all set with this pack and some books and things you already have on hand for fun learning and exploring and role playing to happen.

Bring in a tent and create a fake campfire with art supplies and you are all ready along with the printables included in this pack to have an engaging center for your little campers.

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Happy playtime for your little ones,

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