Distant Learning Do Not Disturb Freebie

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Distant learning...is not for the faint of heart that's for sure!  Especially to all you mom's /dad's out there that are also teachers!  

I'm giving a huge SHOUT OUT to you guys that have young(er) kids at home while trying to maintain and teach your own students...yikes!  My kids are in college so I don't have the added expectation of helping them in their own virtual learning.

Well, if you are working from home for this very reason OR you have some besties at work that just may pop in for a visit I made something that I think will come in very handy to support you.

These posters are perfect for your classroom door or your guestroom door or EVEN just to put on the back of your computer so if you are in an open space your kids see the message loud and clear! 😂

So if you are in an open space, tape this to the back of your computer or hang it on the wall of the entrance to the room to TRY and have some peace....I know, I know...much easier said then  done.  But, I do think it will help...I plan on hanging it outside my classroom door  as colleagues want to pop in and chat throughout the day. 


I hope this helps - we got this!  Happy { virtual } teaching my friends! 


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