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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

BULLETIN BOARDS ~ in my experience you either LOVE them or HATE them. 


Welcome to another edition of...

Bulletin Boards ~ in my 25+ years teaching I've learned there are 2 camps of teachers out there in the world...team: #givemeallthebulletinboards - these folks are on pinterest looking at new ideas 💡 for layering borders and funny puns. 

 Then there's team #ihatebulletinboards these folks change their boards in August and then maybe in the Spring right before Open House.....😂  hahaha am I wrong?!?!

If you were to ask my friends what camp I'm in they would quickly chime in:  team #givemeallthebulletinboards !  Always have been, maybe I could blame it on helping in my mom's classroom growing up.  But whatever the cause, I do love me some cute bulletin boards!

I wanted to share some boards that I have available in my store that you may just love.

If you are interested in these boards below you can click this link to check them out:

cute bulletin board ideas

cute back to school bulletin boards

cute bulletin board ideas

cute bulletin board ideas

cute bulletin board ideas

Gah!  I see that mistake 👇 

cute bulletin board ideas

There's endless possibilities with bulletin boards...layering borders...adding pretty details - like flowers.  Here is an example where we put flowers up to hide ugly wiring that needed to be up on our wall.  Sometimes you have to get clever to keep things cute...

Here's an example of how I replaced the oo's in BLOOM with flowers...

cute bulletin board idea for Spring

Using material, table cloths, ivy, tule, twisting ribbon, the options are endless.  Here I printed letters on paper and cut them into squares so the board has a different look to it, I also layered border to give it a cohesive look.

growth mindset

For a closer look at the boards and if you just want to print, cut out and hang - here you go:  

However you approach bulletin boards - have fun with them, try using different materials for depth and pops of color.  As always - God bless and 

happy teaching! 


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