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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Math is so fun because it lends itself to being very hands on for kids!

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Math didn't use to be my favorite thing to teach...I've always had a love / hate relationship with math.  Also, I've always been a strong reading teacher and very interested in phonics and reading instruction.

However, over the years I've played around with manipulative use more and found ways to get kids up and moving in math and I've come to really love it.

I've found ways to get kids EXCITED about math and that has brought me so much joy!

For instance:

1.)  Having students take part in physically being part of a bar graph.

2.) Having students walk outside and explain Area and Perimeter by having students spread out and stand AROUND the lunch table area and then have them stand inside the painted area of a basketball court.

These are just a few examples....but I want to share some games you can have your students play that involves using die.  It's perfect either as a math warm up in small groups or as a center rotation if you are using math groups.

This page has your students working on place value and expanded form


 this next sample page in the FREEBIE is Rolling and adding 1 to the sum.


The freebie included by joining my email list has a 7 page product.    If you like this you may be interested in my math dice games activity pack on TPT that you can find here:


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This is perfect for in person or online.  I know for one I don't want my students to be looking at a screen all day.  This can be a printable option for families ( that have access of course ) be  mindful of that. ♥  

Happy teaching my friends, hope this is helpful to you!


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