Candy Corn Fun in small groups and MORE

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I love Fall, all the things EXCEPT pumpkin spice!  #notafan ☕

However pumpkin decorations, sweaters, boots, changing leaves and all the other things I'm down for and LOVE! 🍂🍁🎃👻👢

Welcome to another edition of...

I also love incorporating seasonal things into my teaching - whether it be in a sensory bin or as math manipulates...just more things to make learning fun for kids! 💕

Here is a round up of fun ideas you can use this month:

This activity is PERFECT for your early readers...having them use elkonin boxes is a great activity to be sure they are hearing every phoneme.  If you are new to elkonin boxes they are used to build phonological awareness.  Your student will listen for each sound ( phoneme ) and move a token/manipulative etc. into each box for each sound.  These can become increasingly more difficult and differentiated as your student grows as a reader.  Eventually they will use one sound box for 2 letters like the /ck/ sound etc.

elkonin sound boxes

We work on CVC words A LOT in small groups!  I have thrown cards into sensory bins, finger spelled them, played games with them and more.  Here I just printed out a candy corn piece to use for the missing vowel either for CVC work or magic e.  You can also use a wreath at Christmas ( put the letter in the middle ), a snowman, easter egg, etc.  Lots of options.  This orginial idea ( with a ghost )  was from my amazing friend Sarah @ sarahssnippets.

cvc word work and magic e

This next pic is an old favorite that I've done in October for probably over 15 years.  It's an oldie but a goodie!  Kids love coming up with adjectives to fill in this candy corn and then we display it like an anchor chart.  

You can read more about it here

For more fun October ideas~~ just go up to my search bar here on my blog and type in October and some of my favorite pumpkin/october activities will pop right up.

Enjoy this fun month which has TONS of opportunities to make learning fun for your kiddos!

Happy teaching!

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