Fine Motor Skill Practice

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

My kids are in college now....but oh, those baby, toddler, preschool years. 🥰😍 #givemeallthefeels

Some of my best memories in life have been raising these kids, building forts, helping them run for student council, cheer at their sports/academic events, taking walks, library hour you name it.  

My mom having been an educator for 30 + years was soo great with my kids when they were toddlers when she watched them.  Rarely did they ever leave her house without participating in a craft, fun read aloud or amazing toddler activity!  They threaded buttons, ate green eggs and ham, made me mother's day gifts, wrote in shaving cream, etc.

I guess that's where I get my love for these types of activities for kids!  Making learning fun without them knowing they are 'learning' is always a winning combination!

Now that I'm old 👵 I have GREAT nieces and nephews!  YEP ~ I'm a great aunt many times over.  I have 3 big brothers and my oldest brother is 13 years older than me so you can imagine the large family I come from...such fun!

I was thinking about these cuties and wanted to send them a little something that I know would build their hand eye coordination as well as their fine motor skills.  

Toddlers need lots of repetition practicing these all important skills.  These skills will eventually help with left to right tracking for reading, tying their shoes, using their pincher grip for different activities, etc.

You can either just purchase felt pieces at your local craft store and cut pieces can use your cricut or you can purchase precut felt pieces if you don't trust your freehand skills.

So, I built these 'build a boxes'.  I've included items through December and will probably make more and add it to their Christmas gift so they have build it activities for the entire year!  I have the visual cards there for each object they are building so they can follow picture directions too.

fine motor skill boxes for kids

Try it out, I'd love to hear how your kids liked it.

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