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Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Let's face need engaging activities now more than ever!  
If you've been following me for a while you know how I feel about technology....and too much of it.  I am such an advocate for hands on, less screen time and being outside...however that's pretty difficult to do in the middle of a pandemic so...

Welcome to another edition of...

I want to share some engaging games that I've been using in my small group time that I've found to be fruitful.  I have started a new product series called CLICK and REVEAL.
The kids are squealing with delight while playing this game and very actively engaged.

It's a powerpoint game that can use basically any skill.  Mine are mostly literacy based as that is my job right now.  I have a heavy focus on sight words for my games, but you can use them for math or other skills easily.

powerpoint phonics game distant learning

So you can share your screen if you are virtual or put in on your smartboard if you are in person.  Call on a student to read a word and have them touch the turkey - if nothing is behind the turkey keep going until a student comes across the 'hidden' image - in this case a pumpkin.  The pumpkin and acorn you see in the corner can be moved behind a turkey of your choice.  You can change it and move it behind another turkey, use a new slide with new words, etc.  

As you can see I've made it editable so you can even incorporate math skills or vocabulary , etc.  The options are endless!

powerpoint phonics game distant learning

If you are interested in adding this fun game to your collection you can grab it here:  also keep your eye out because this will grow into a product series and I'll include them for holidays/ seasons.  Perfect to play for a class party ( are we ever going to be able to have those again?! ) 😢  They are great to use on a Fun Friday - to include a fun but still academic activity for them to do.

Happy teaching - stay safe out there!


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