Teaching Open and Closed Syllables

Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Open and closed syllables is a very important foundational skill for reading multisyllabic words.  This really is the next big step for readers in their decoding journey once they have mastered letters/sounds/phoneme isolation, manipulation etc. 

Having this skill in their tool box helps them break down words into more manageable chunks as they are decoding larger words.  

open closed syllables

Let's take a closer look at the differences between open and closed syllables and how best to teach it to our students.

There are some really good videos on you tube that are a great place to start:


I had this idea of showing them an open and closed door as a visual...I was lucky enough to find one on Amazon that worked perfectly for this lesson.  I think these have been used as 'fairy' doors possibly.  But, it's super cute and a working door to get my point across.

So on a white board you can write words like:


Have your students say these words and remind them that they said a long vowel word at the end.  I do this like the picture above - with the door open to show them they are an open syllable and have a long vowel sound.

Then as you can see from the picture I add a consonant and close the door...this is on a small sentence strip cut up or index card so I can use different consonants to get my point across and create new words.  

I have taught this  skill for years and I think my students are finally starting to get it ( and much faster ) with this visual!  

If you want to try it out you can  find the cute door here: 
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So, let me know if you use this idea I'd love to hear all about it ~ you can find me on instagram or fb by clicking the icons at the top of my blog.
Happy teaching!


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