Sight Word Games and Activities for the Holidays

Wednesday, December 9, 2020
The holidays are just around the corner and I've been teaching virtually since March.  Whether you are virtual or in person I have a few games that will keep your students engaged and asking for more when it comes to practicing sight words. 

holiday games and activities to use with sight words

No more BORING flash cards....ugh!  We live in a day and age of BOOM Cards, Interactive Google Slides and even good old fashioned games from when I was a kid.

We have played plenty of online digital games regarding building our sight word fluency and recognition.  In fact, here are few you might love:

digital sight word game

I have several more like this in my store:  some google slide activities, some powerpoint games and more.

But tomorrow we are going OLD SCHOOL and playing a matching game under the doc cam.  I also updated my December sensory bin so next week we will be Digging for Sight Words.  Kids are looking forward to Winter Break and I want to keep them  engaged up until the last day/minute/second.  Let's be honest, most of the kids I service are at least a year behind grade level ( especially with COVID and not having the support of in person learning ) so...if I can keep them learning ( and sneaking in fun ) up until  the final hour...well sign me up!

Here are some pics of our activites we will  be doing:

A matching game can EASILY be played under your doc cam if you are virtual or in person ( maybe save for later if you are in person - due to 6 ft restrictions and not sitting together at the reading table etc. )

Sight Word Matching Game

How it looks on ZOOM to my students:

sight word matching game

I hope these are just some reminders that you aren't as limited as you think  when it comes to virtual teaching!  There's A LOT you can still do that you did in the classroom - just transfer it to ZOOM.  The kids will respond the same and still enjoy it and ask to play again and again!

Another activity that I have found great success with on line is a sensory bin...YEP you heard me right - don't look at me funny! 😜
You can put the sensory bin under the doc cam and pick words out and call on kids to say them aloud or say them together as they are pulled.  Of course it doesn't have the same effect, but they still get a kick out of it and I think it makes them feel a little 'normal' since they are familiar with sensory bins.

Holiday sight word sensory bin

TEACHER HACK:  If you can't find any cute tongs ~ like the ones I have been trying to find at HOBBY LOBBY that look like cute can  tape an image on them (  like the reindeer clipart below ) I also have a winter kid taped on one from last year with my snowflake sensory bin.

Christmas Sensory Bin

If you want ideas on what you can fill your sensory bins with - I have an entire blog post dedicated to that here to get your creative juices flowing.

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