Do you hunger for God?

Sunday, January 31, 2021
I  can remember going to camp as a kid or retreats in college where we had all the time in the world to just focus on our relationship with the Lord.  It was always amazing!  A time of growth, worship, fellowship and developing a deeper relationship with Christ. ♰⛪

mountain  moments with God

We all have seasons in our life ~ seasons of friendships, relationships, jobs/ name it. {{ Just as it says in Ecclesiastes 3. }}  Some seasons my quiet time is spot on and consistent, daily and I feel a real closeness with the Lord.  Other times, due to my lack of commitment to spending time in the word or prayer ... not so much.  I always find my way back and feel the Holy Spirit prodding me gently to open my Bible or start my morning in prayer instead of rushing off to my day thankfully.

We have a pug... a crazy pug might I add.  She has had tons of energy since she was a puppy and rescued off the street.  As she's gotten older she has slowed down but still has a lot of energy for a 14.5 year old.  The reason I'm bringing up my pug in the midst of a blog post on feeling close with the Lord is this:

Every morning my pug wakes up ( usually early of course ) and she's hungry and roaring to not so much.  Yes, I'm a morning person - I swim before I teach and definitely need my morning coffee afterward to function however, but she is often up before I'm ready. 

When I go out to the garage to get her food, something magical happens...okay maybe not magical but she is overcome with incredible joy.  I mean COMPLETE, unwavering JOY.  She jumps, scratches at the door if I'm too slow and literally jumps as she walks.  She smiles, she really does.  She looks at the bag of food I carry from the garage fridge with so much love and happiness.  As she walks with me to where she eats she has all those feels the  entire time I'm walking with her.

Every.single.time it reminds me of walking closely with Jesus.  This is exactly the response the Lord wants from us in regards to our walk with Him.  He is waiting for us to call to Him in the morning, pray, talk to Him, worship Him and spend time with Him.  He wants us as giddy as my crazy pug when it comes to our walk with Him.  

It's literally a daily reminder to me from my Creator to talk to Him and joyfully look to Him before my day unfolds.  Walking with Jesus - ahhh, there's really not anything better than be in close fellowship with Him brings joy in the midst of trials.  I've been there, I've gone through extremely tough times.  Losing my mom to cancer within 6 months of diagnosis being at the top of that list.  But, God gently encouraged me and sent me reminders of His love and faithfulness throughout those 6 months and beyond.  As hard as it was 
( and I wouldn't wish it on anyone ) - there was a sweetness to the place the Lord had me at.  I felt like I was in His loving arms the ENTIRE time.  People often ask me how I got  through that time...only because of God!  

If you don't have a crazy pet showing as much excitement for food as we should for our time with Jesus, what helps keep you motivated to dive into the Word and spend time with Jesus?  I'd love to hear your stories - find me on Instagram or Facebook.

Oh and just for fun cuz I know I'll get's a picture of Miss Bella.

Be blessed my friends,

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