The Mitten activities

Friday, January 1, 2021
The Mitten is such a fun book to read in the Winter and there are so many fun, engaging activities that you can accompany this with...

The Mitten ideas and activities

There are so many FUN things you can do as an extension to the adorable story: The Mitten by Jan Brett.  I have included game ideas, sensory bin ideas, printables and more!

These ideas are geared mostly to your younger learners with tracing practice, pin art, letter/sounds, rhyming and sight word activities and more. 

To  meet the all important fine motor skill needs of your students I've included a sensory bin with tongs as a pincher, as well as tracing pages which students love doing.  

To make the sensory bin even more challenging you can have your students wear mittens 
( or gloves ) while using the tongs to pick up the letter/word cards.

The mitten fine  motor skill activities

The Mitten story response pages

The Mitten craft and game ideas

The extension ideas to go along with this fun book are endless, you can spend a week or more on activities to go along with this cute story.

I've even included a snack idea that you can  do with it.  When I taught preschool and a kindergarten summer school class they loved snacks!  I tried to include them often but just kept aware of any allergies in my classes.

The Mitten Snack Idea

There are also story sequencing pages, printable little puppets and more, I hope you can incoporate this fun packet into your winter this year ~~ your students would love it!

Grab it here!

Happy Teaching friends...stay healthy~


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