The Snowy Day Activities for home or school

Wednesday, January 6, 2021
The Snowy Day is such a fun, sweet perfect picture book for a read aloud in the Winter.
There are endless ideas you can use with this delightful story! ❄☃❆❅

The Snowy Day activities

Depending on the age:  Here is a breakdown of ideas you can use for a sensory bin:

* use pictures in your sensory bin for preschoolers and kindergartners.  Kids love seeing their pictures and pictures of their friends or at home - they will love picking out family members and saying their names!  ** BE sure to SUPERVISE toddlers or only use items in the sensory bin that can not be choked on etc. **

Another idea:  Use as a Sunday School teacher - you could put Bible characters in the bin and have kids recognize them.

* use numbers / letters for your early TK - Kinder learners.  This will help them recognize important symbols to help them learn.

* use sight words for K/1 kiddos - have them practice their sight words and build recognition and fluency.

sensory bin ideas The Snowy Day

As you can see on the top picture with the purple sensory bin, I added some clipart to the tongs.  It just makes it more thematic and cute - I told the kids Peter ( from the story ) was helping them with the sensory bin.

***NOTE*** be sure to include tongs in your bin to assist in building their fine motor skills with any of the ages above.  Even first graders sometimes have trouble with the basic pencil grip so this can still be beneficial.

sensory bin idea

SHAVING cream is so much fun as well for your young ones!  The tactile experience is just too good to pass up.  They will be thrilled to touch, squeeze and have the cream ooze between their fingers.  Put it on top of a wintery picture/placemat or again numbers and letters.  As they move the shaving cream around they can say the letters aloud.

hands on shaving cream idea for The Snowy Day

You can also find more ideas here:

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Also, I made a super fun, digital game that is based around The Snowy Day, it's very engaging and editable!  You can grab it here

The Snowy Day game

For this game, you hide Peter behind the snowball of your choice.  Kids either on ZOOM, on a device or a smartboard will say a word and click on it to see if Peter is behind it.  Keep playing until someone finds Peter.  You can change where you put him each time. 

I hope you have fun implementing some of these fun ideas...for more fun ideas tune in  each Wednesday with me here on the blog!


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