Teaching Ideas for April

Thursday, March 25, 2021
Springtime, the weather is warmer....and the kids are well... a bit crazy aren't they?!?!  Spring Fever is real y'all and if you didn't know that you must not be in education!

Welcome to another edition of...

I love Spring and the warmer weather, I love the longer days too!  But, spring time in the classroom can be a bit challenging at times.  They too are feeling the Spring break vibes ( just like you are )  But they are dreaming of long bike rides, fortnight and sleepovers...not mimosas. 😂😂

Here are some fun, engaging things you can do with your littles and their Spring Fever feels.

First off, if you are virtual or F2F this game is super fun and engaging for your kiddos!  They will ask to play this again and again!

digital phonics game

My close reading packs are super EASY to pop right into Seesaw for a meaningful aysnchonous activity.  Here is one of my Spring packs.

Close reading Spring
Grab it here.

I also have them for each month... here's the one for April.

April Close Reading use with Seesaw  
as well as one on insects... click picture to see more.

Close reading insects - use in Seesaw

These packs I have for every month - What I'm teaching for....
lots of seasonal goodies to work on all kinds of skills.

April printables

...and so much more.  Grab it here.

Did you know that APRIL is National Poetry month ?!?!  I have a TON of poetry packs in my store, in fact many of them are bundled because I have so many.

Poems for a year with Sight Words

These are PERFECT for all year long.  They are all written by me and mostly seasonal.  There is a focus on sight word practice and either inferencing or a reading comprehension question included.

I have several packs as well as some of them are bundled - you can find them  here.

Insects, frogs and farms are also fun to teach on in the Spring... here are some fun packs with crafts. ( perfect to display at  Open House ) Click images to review farm unit.

farm unit for primary

farm unit for primary

farm unit for primary

farm unit for primary

Pond life/frogs are perfect for Spring too.  Click the pictures to see more.

frogs unit

frog unit

frog unit

Another Spring time favorite is butterflies...am I right?!?  Click picture to check it out.

Butterfly unit

Clearly, there's lots to teach in the Springtime.  Lots of fun themes to incorporate into Open House too. 

Also, if you made it this far....I'm impressed.  Just wanted to add a  fun idea for behavior a.k.a. spring fever feels.

april behavior tips for elementary

These are editable and you can add your own goals on the jellybeans. Happy Spring friends!!



5 (ish ) MUST HAVES from Amazon for the elementary classroom teacher

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Amazon....it's easy to fall into the rabbit hole of scrolling through #allthethings there.  Well, I wanted to share my MUST HAVES from Amazon that you just may love as well.  I feel like teachers could easily start an Amazon support group...raise your hand if you're addicted to Amazon too!?!? 🙋

Amazon favorites for the classroom

Let's see if you agree with my list below in no particular order:

#1  CHART PAPER MARKERS/aka Mr. Sketch markers.

There's really no explanation needed here:  If you love anchor charts you pretty much love Mr. Sketch pens #justsayin 😍😍😍😍

Amazon must haves for the clasroom

You can find them here.

#2 The Teacher Toolbox

teacher tool box for the classroom

Want to look crazy organized to parents ( even if your desk may be a disaster at the moment )... get this!  Parent helpers can sneak in the room, NOT INTERRUPT my teaching and go straight to my teacher toolbox.  95% of the time they find just what they need and can go about their business. It's seriously one of my most favorite things I've added to my classroom  🠞🠞  AND it doesn't hurt that there are some pretty amazing young adults sitting on top of it that I get to look at everyday.  😍 #proudmom

#3 Hair dryer brush
Save precious time blow drying your hair and making it look 💗👌👍

hair brush blow dryer

blow dry quick spray

This is A- MAZ - ING!  Not only does it cut blow dry time down but it makes your hair look smooth and perfect.  I love this hair dryer, it needs to be in every teacher's tool kit of important things! Along with this is the awesome quick dry spray...if you have lots of hair or thick hair this is a must have!

#4 Magnetic Towel Bar

I love my magnetic towel bar that I use to hang anchor charts in my classroom.  I don't have a handy picture of mine -

I'd love to give this teacher blogger credit but her blog doesn't exist anymore.
magnetic towel bar anchor charts

#5 Emoji Balls for Marble Jar

Marble Jar Idea

This has been so much fun to incorporate into my classroom.  I introduced these 2 years ago and my students went nuts.  It's funny how a simple little twist on something so mundane can amp your classroom environment up a notch!  They loved telling others about our fun emoji jar! 

Well there you have it... I'm sure I'll create other lists in the future as there are too many great things at Amazon!!  

What's your favorite Amazon purchase?  Tell us on facebook or instagram.

** all links above are through my amazon affililate **

Happy teaching ... ( and shopping )


March Ideas for the Classroom

Tuesday, March 2, 2021
March Ideas for the primary classroom

Happy hump day and welcome to another edition of....

I can't believe it's already March...

Here are some fun ideas you can include in your March planning that work beautifully for in person face to face, asynchronous, small groups or online.


digital leprechuan game

This game is so great because of ALL the OPTIONS it has.  Work on sight words and show a flash card on your ZOOM then have that child pick a number after they read it correctly, or work on math fluency.  Use with science vocabulary or comprehension questions.  When answered correctly have your student pick a number, one of the numbered coins will eventually make the leprechaun's hat fly off and the pot of gold appear.  They love this!  Find it here.

March Close Reading distant learning

This is perfect to drop into Seesaw or an online platform that you use for your students.  They will be able to mark up the page and interact with this product that reinforces fluency, comprehension and text evidence.  Find it here.

march class behavior ideas

My behavior bites are a fun way to keep your students focused all year but especially before Spring Break with Spring fever in the air.  You can grab them here.

March poem, bulletin board and craft

This is perfect if you need a bulletin board idea that's easy to print and put up, it includes a poem and fun craftivity too.  Grab it here.

If you are in person and want to add a bit of whimsy into your classroom ( these kids need #allthefunthings right now ) I have several posts on having a leprechaun visit your classroom for a week.  Not just the typical leprechaun prints in green and tables are overturned I mean like he visits for a week like the elf on the shelf.  My leprechaun was somewhere different everyday and left notes and prizes on their desks.  Just a little something to brighten your students' day especially after a pandemic year.   You can read the posts here and here and get ideas.

leprechaun handprint craft


So many fun things to do in March, I hope these ideas gave you a little inspiration!

Happy teaching,