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Monday, April 12, 2021
Y'all know we LIVE for Fridays but guess what?!?!  Kids aren't that sad about them either. 🤣

I know I loved having early finisher projects HANDY for when I threw a class party.  For one, there are usually a ton of parent helpers and they were busy.  That last thing I wanted was for kids to go talk to a parent helper when they finished up a rotation early and take the focus away from what the parent is doing.. helping a group of kids.

So, for every party I host I always have a little something something on the kids desks just in case they finish a rotation early.  Sometimes a rotation doesn't take as  long as another....other times a rotation requires 1 on 1 help and the kids have to wait patiently for their turn.

So, out comes my handy dandy fun friday fill ins.  It might be pin art, a self-paced directed draw or even a word search with all their classmates names in it.  

These fill ins are also perfect for FUN FRIDAY.  Let's face it ~~ with all the rigor in schools today we all deserve a little down time about 40 minutes before the bell rings on Friday afternoon....

Many of the teams I've been on have had Fun Friday rotations:  chrome book room for fun apps, outside extra playtime and then usually an  art project or game of good ol' fashioned Heads up 7 Up.

My Pin art packs or Fun Friday packs are PERFECT for these situations.  They are easy to print out and have ready for those early finishers at parties or a Fun Friday rotation.  You can't go wrong.  My pin art packs are thematic :  seasonal, emojis, letters 

If you are interested in grabbing the PIN ART BUNDLE - you can grab it here.  
It includes: 

pin art bundle - fun friday and parties

I also have pin art for each letter of the alphabet as well which you can find here.

My Fun Friday packs are monthly: both seasonal and thematic  ( still working on finishing them all ) - they include both pin art and self paced directed draws.  Click here for the National Symbol pack.

National Symbols fun pack

National Symbols fun pack

You can find my other fun friday packs in my store:

Fun Friday Packs

I just finished the APRIL fun friday pack which you can find here.

Pin art and directed draws April

As you can see these are EASY, no prep things you can do with your students to celebrate the end of the week.

Other fun ideas:

Go Noodle Dance Party
Head up 7 up
4 corners
outside free play
tear art
STEM activity
PBL activity
Flashlight Friday 
Handball against the teacher

I get it some weeks are L - O - N - G and it's nice to have a no brainer activity to round up the Friday, I hope these are helpful to you.  I know many times I was stuffing Friday folders and multi tasking while the kids were working on pin art...our work never ends.

Take care and happy teaching!


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