Book Study Packs for end of the year or Emergency Sub Plans

Monday, May 24, 2021
We've all had those moments....we need an emergency sub and we need something fast that is both meaningful and engaging OR we are end of the year teacher tired and need fun, engaging activities to keep them busy engrossed which then frees us to wrap up end of the year tasks or I right?!?!

End of the year or sub plans activities

Well, I've come to the rescue ~~~  The end of the year there's always SO MUCH to do...we have report cards, finishing up assessments, packing up our classroom, cum folders, etc. etc.

So - why not have fun, engaging activities for your students that go along with their favorite stories?!?!  I have tons of book study packs in my store that are perfect for this kind of thing:  some are meant to go along with a theme like growth mindset, or friendship, others go along with their core lit for the year and some are just for fun to go along with some of their all time favorite read alouds.

These activities are perfect for the end of the year or sub love read alouds and these packs will have them interacting with their favorite beloved characters from these books in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Here are some of my book study packs:

end of the year and sub plan activities

Click here to find out  more about the Rainbow Fish.

Click here to find out more about Swimmy.
if you give a mouse bundled

Click here to find out more about his bundled pack.

Jabari Jumps  The Giving tree

Click here to find out more about Jabari Jumps.

Click here to find out more about The Giving Tree.

Giraffes Can't Dance  Elmer the Elephant

Click here to find out more about Elmer the Elephant.

Click here to find out more about Giraffes Can't Dance.

Picture Book read aloud ideas

Find out more about The True Story of the Three Little Pigs here.  It's one of my most popular book packs!

Click here to find out more about Ira Sleeps Over.

I have several more book study packs in my store click here to get right to that category.

These always come in handy for either love read alouds and there's always great activities that can be done to supplement these fun stories.

Hang in there's almost June!

Happy Teaching xoxo,


End of the Year Fun

Sunday, May 9, 2021
Ahhh, the end of the've worked hard all year and you and your students deserve some fun and celebrating!!  I have several ways you can do this that I'd love to share with you!!

end of the year school ideas

I have several packs that you can use to 'ring' in the end of the school year.  I also have a parent letter in one of those packs that gives you a week full of fun activities with response pages...practically done for you!  What more would you want when you already have report cards, meetings, cum folders etc to work on.

End of year Ideas

Crazy Sock Day last week of school

This pack includes a week worth of ideas and response pages that will keep your kiddos busy so you are free to do a little packing up on the side.  #multitaskingforthewin

Autograph shirt day/ Crazy Sock Day/ Read a thon fort day/ Game board day/ Field day

I have other packs that are more grade level focused as well if you want to focus more on the grade level they just wrapped up....

grab this one here

third grade end of the year pack

grab the 2nd grade one here

second grade end of the year pack

grab the first grade one here

first grade end of the year pack

I also have a hollywood, red carpet themed one you might enjoy as well... grab it here

End of the year pack

I hope I've given you some fun ideas you can implement for that last week.  Also if you purchase bubbles in bulk, it's fun to take it outside and have bubble wars - provide your students with several different wand choices.  It will keep them busy for a while along with sidewalk chalk, they love to decorate the playground.

Enjoy and happy { almost } summer!