Social Emotional Learning Play Doh Mats

Thursday, November 11, 2021
Let's face it our kids need more emotional support than ever right pandemic kids have felt isolated, missed school and are relearning how to get along and work things out with their peers.

I've seen my students struggle in many areas with behavior and I knew these emotion/feeling mats would come in handy.

Basically you print out the mat that has the emotion on it that you are working on and the skin tone that would be appropriate for the child you are working with...
have playdoh available and let them build the face that matches how they are feeling.  While they are busy building you can use that time to talk to them about their emotions.  I have also included blank ones so you can create your own emotion.

SEL feeling playdoh mats

SEL playdoh feeling mats

SEL feeling playdoh mats

You can find the mats = here

As you can see there are a TON of options in these playdoh mats, some have words, others allow you to add words, some are bald - students can use playdoh to create their hairstyle.  Maybe they just want to create the emotion they are feeling and not the hair so I've also included hair options.
I hope these emotion SEL mats serve your students well and allow you to have an engaging, meaningful activity to do with them  as they are calming down or working through some tough emotions.

Let me know on Instagram how they work out for you.

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