Have you heard of TWOs day?!?!

Sunday, January 9, 2022
I LOVE celebrating fun days at school...whether they be dress up days: ( former student council advisor here 🙋 ), or 100th day activities or CORE lit days etc.

Well...there's another reason to celebrate teacher friends ( insert happy 💗 here )
This year:  2022 there is a very FUN day that falls on either 2/2/22 OR 2/22/22!  It has  officially been named TWOs day and let's be honest it's just another day to make  learning SUPER fun and engaging....am I wrong?

In deciding what day to celebrate I would personally choose the day that is further away from when the 100th day falls this year.  Only because I wouldn't want to celebrate 2 math days in a row, I'd prefer to have them spread out.

BUT, 2/22/22 does fall on a Tuesday which would make it even more fun calling it TWO's day.  It's up to you how and when you want to celebrate.  In my pack that is only $2.22 and will remain that price ( see what I did there ? )  I have included BOTH day options so there are activities that include working with 2 and working with 22.  I've also included pairs, doubles and lots of other fun options to make the day extra special.

CLICK here to find out more:

Twos day  2/2/22 2/22/22 - 2's day

Hope you enjoy - tag me on instagram if you celebrate and use my pack!

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