About Me

Hi to all my sweet visitors and friends ~~~

     my name is Vicky and I live in Sunny California.  I am wife to a high school Athletic Director, mommy to 2 amazing kiddos and elementary school teacher of 26 years YIKES!!!! ( although I job shared 7 of those years to be with my sweet kids when they were little ).  I love the Lord, crafting, being creative and building traditions in my family.  You can always find me running or swimming too.  I love 5k's and triathlons.
     My hopes for this blog is to share teaching ideas, share my love for motherhood ( ideas/traditions ) and sharing bits about my precious mom -- making sure her legacy lives on!!

Isn't she a beauty?!?!  Me with my sweet mama - 6/29/1996 on my wedding day...my best friend...my heart!
My wonderfully talented friend Nikki @ Melonheadz created this precious symbol which you see on my blog.  My mom signed every letter to all of us since I was a baby with this at the end.  She loved the Lord sooo much!

Here are my precious kiddos from a few years ago - God is good!!!

Circa 2010ish when he was at my school with me. 
2020 senior portrait

Circa 2012 ish

2018 - hs graduation

My hubby of 20 years ~ Scott

24 years ( 2020 )

Lastly a little joke I made...ha!

  I have taught for 26 years and continue to be passionate about my job.  Part of what makes me unique is that I have taught such a wide range of grade levels... preschool - 4th grade.  That has allowed me to really understand the scope and sequence and connectivity for each grade level.
I pride myself in the relationships I make with my students and their families.  That by far is the best part of the job!  


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  3. Love your "about me" section. As a blog-stalker, it's refreshing to see the "real" person behind the blog. Lovely family and story. Thanks for sharing so much of your heart. :)

  4. Your newest follower and a new blogger in life...love your outlook and spirit! Thanks for sharing!